Book of Judges: Larry David and the War on the War on Comedy

The war of all against all against nothing

Sweet Talk: A Conversation with Thuraya Al-Basqsami and Monira Al Qadiri

I feel like there’s a forest inside me, full of vegetation. Like a bowl of tabbouleh.

Louvre Me Tender

Soft power plays

Bidoun Mix 3: Ghazal

Mix Suedi

The Video People

1990s VHS Tehran Cinephiliacs

Bidoun Mix 2: Deena Abdelwahed


Soft Dramaturgy: A Conversation with Lukas Duwenhögger, Part II

Precluding the indifferent, eradicating void and uninspiring vastness of, for instance, sunsets.

Soft Dramaturgy: A Conversation with Lukas Duwenhögger, Part I

I hope these words make you cry.

Mary Boone is Egyptian

“I find the whole notion of celebrity embarrassing.”


Love and romance, dating and friendship, loneliness and community, all set against the terror of aging.

Bidoun Mix 1

Post-(((Persian))) Happy Softcore

The Pasha Resurrects: What ‘Isa Ibn Hisham Told Us

Sometime in the late 1890s, a struggling writer named ‘Isa took a walk in the City of the Dead.

The Delicacy of Radicalism


In all cases, it was a beautiful film to make

Amr Ezzat has always had vivid dreams.

Youssef Rakha

The writer Youssef Rakha is the only child of a former Marxist lawyer and a translator.

Salima Ikram

I mean, if all else fails, I’ll always have butchery. Or I guess I could work in a funeral home.

Laila Soueif

For decades, Laila Soueif has been a familiar sight at protests across Cairo.

William Wells

Down at the end of Nabrawy and Hussein El Me’mar Pasha streets, just minutes from Tahrir Square, lies one of those improbable Cairo junctions that seem to suggest an entire world.


Reza Abdoh

Reza Abdoh
June 3–September 3, 2018
Opening June 3, 12-6pm
Readings by members of Reza’s company, dar a luz, at 5pm

22-25 Jackson Ave
Long Island City, NY

When the Iranian-American theater director Reza Abdoh died of AIDS-related complications in 1995 at the young age of 32, he left instructions that his work should never be performed again. In the ensuing decades, his hallucinatory theatre was hardly seen outside a few VHS tapes passed around experimental theatre circles. The exhibition Reza Abdoh: Bogeyman is the first large-scale exhibition devoted to Abdoh’s life and art.

At 5 p.m., to celebrate the opening of Reza Abdoh, four actors from the artist’s original company will reunite in the exhibition galleries to enact selections from Abdoh’s plays. Tom Fitzpatrick, Juliana Francis-Kelly, Jacqueline Gregg, and Tom Pearl will read from Bogeyman (1991), The Law of Remains (1992), Quotations from a Ruined City (1994), as well as from an unrealized treatment of the Faust legend, which Abdoh penned in 1986.

Co-organized by Klaus Biesenbach, Director, MoMA PS1 and Chief Curator at Large, The Museum of Modern Art; and Negar Azimi, Tiffany Malakooti, and Babak Radboy for Bidoun.

A Blue Hand

The search for a new guru fueled Ginsberg’s magical, mystical tour through India.

The Toughest Man in Cairo Versus The Zionist Vegetable

If he had a son, things would be easier. But Kamal has not been so lucky. He’s been trying to have a son for years. He tries every night, he told me.

1+1=3: The Trine Towers

It is almost impossible to imagine it otherwise, to conceive of what New York would look like if United Airlines Flight 175 had missed its target. If the monument to the WTC were a single tower, forever mourning its absent twin.

This Necrophilic Strategy Entails Some Risk: Bruce Hainley in conversation wiith filmmaker William E Jones

Artist William E Jones has made films about a pornstar (Finished), the Southern Californian Latino fans of Morrissey (Is It Really So Strange?) and the unlikely documentary and/ or narrative moments within sex films (v. o.), among other hypnotic and subtle works.

Looking for Ali: Notes from “How I learned to stop worrying and love the spectacle”

In a critical studies course I taught at New York University a few years ago, I showed my students nineteenth and twentieth century American photographs of lynchings…